Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tyler's Blessing

This little booger was blessed on Sunday,

He's all smiles and adorable-ness and it was hard to take these pictures because all I wanted to do was throw the camera down and pick him up and cuddle him and kiss those chubby cheeks.

My brother Andrew, and then Cameron and Jake were also blessed in this little outfit. All the girls on my mom's side of the family were blessed in the same dress my Grandma was blessed in...which leads me Olive, Sadie's unborn girl chil', who will wear the dress next. I decided that we needed to document Olive-in-the-Womb and Sadie and Dan's 1st anniversary so I took some pictures that look like engagement pictures...only slightly scandalous engagement pictures since, yes, Sadie is pregnant. And, I have to add here that I spent a few days with Sadie in a swimsuit on the Beach and she gets the "i still look better than most people ever will in a swimsuit even though I am seven months pregnant" award.
Then Cameron saw that I was snapping his picture and all on his own scooted over and put his arms around Jakey like he had seen Sadie and Dan do.
Dan was whining about getting his picture taken, and Scott felt to mention that I had brought my camera on our first date - (we were hiking, okay? What was I supposed to do, leave it at home????!!!) Dan's response was "I'm surprised there was a second date" My comeback was:
So there, Dan.

And besides, Scott's gotten pretty good at posing for my pictures.

We love you, Tyler.