Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Butler Family Pics

A few Sundays ago, before Scott's brother Mitch left on his mission, we took some Butler Family Pictures. My sister Katie was nice enough to come and hold the camera so I could be in some of them. I was looking through the pictures and this made me laugh out loud - Katie sat in for me while I adjusted the settings on my camera....

And here's the "rill dill"

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mike and Andrea!

Yesterday we spent the day at Scott's brother's wedding. We LOOOVE Andrea and I'm so excited to have another sister in law! Here is Mike and Andrea's Wedding and the ensuing celebrations. Mike was cracking me up all day:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Make Me Happy!

The family reunion this summer was at the beach. The first day we took Jakey down to show him the waves and he ran along the shore shouting "MAKE ME HAPPY!!!" It doesn't take much for that kid. He is so vivacious and grateful and throws himself excitedly into every new thing.

I am really going to miss these little boys. Ben got accepted to Business Schools in Austin and Virginia, and wait-listed at Wharton, and who know where Scott and I will be in the Fall, so anyway the dice turns I'm not going to be seeing much of "the littles" come September. I don' think it actually sunk in until last week that they would be leaving and I stayed up late crying about it. I couldn't help it! These little boys have been such a bright spot in my life these past few years. They are so simple and wise and sweet and happy and they just take your mind off hard things. I will forever remember Cameron taking me on a "date" one very dark day. What am I going to do without these little Stinkers?

I went to my parents house last weekend and walked into this:

I mean what am I going to do without being able to walk in and see little Cam Cam playing "monster eye" with Grandma Robin? Especially when he has that cowlick sticking straight up in the back.

And it will be so weird on birthdays to only light the candles once instead of 20 times to let the boys sing and blow over and over again cuz its so fun.

Oh well.

Not that it's any substitute, but at least I'll have these

and these

(Thanks, honey)


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Scott is finishing up (yet another) practice LSAT. I put some rice on the stove to go with dinner and decided I would quick do a blogpost while it cooked. So now I am sitting in a house that smells like smoke since I burned said rice while doing said blogpost. Not sure if I was trying to burn us out or freeze us out of home - now all the doors are open and it's COOLD.

Our camera died on our honeymoon. I forgot that we'd taken a few before it died so I was excited to find these: I obviously didn't know we were low in battery or we probably wouldn't have a dozen shots of our feet on top of stars in Hollywood. We saw Wicked our first night in LA, then went to Coronado Island and spent a couple days at Hotel Del, then spent a day at Disneyland. (No I did not convince Scott to wear Mickey Mouse Groom ears. But we did go for sentimental reasons - we went to southern california on a road trip with some friends early in our dating, and Scott managed to get just the two of us to Disneyland for a day.)

WICKED! Scott loved it, much to his surprise.

The husband himself, downtown LA.

We have a half dozen pictures like this(above) and this (below) and then our battery died. Good thing, because it would have been really sad to have wasted our camera battery life on something unimportant! I mean, imagine going on a honeymoon and not having one picture of your feet on stars names, that would be sad....

Mike (Scott's Brother) is marrying the lovely Andrea this Friday, and
Scott takes the LSAT on Saturday. We are READY for this mad studying to be over.