Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sleep Talking

My sister Jennifer just posted on her blog about my sleep talking. It's embarrassing to me but apparently hilarious (and annoying) to other people. To hear my latest sleep conversation click HERE and HERE. Especially click on the second one if you want to hear a Corndog compared to a Testimony.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Our 1st Anniversary

I can't believe we've been married a year. We went to the Cheesecake Factory (yummmm). That was the first week I had started feeling the baby kick, so Scott sat next to me where he could quick put his hand on my belly if I mentioned kicking.

Then we drove up to the Gateway, and Scott let me pick out a necklace at Brighton. Then I went to the bathroom and pretended that I didn't know he was buying it, and I acted surprised when he handed it to me all wrapped up in the car. He thinks he's sneaky:)

P.S. I've learned the direct approach is a good thing. A good example of the direct approach-AKA- a hint "You should buy me a necklace like he did in Marley and Me. A good time to do that would be for our anniversary because I'm pregnant and I would always remember that you gave it to me and it would be sentimental and I would love it always. There is a store called Brighton at the Gateway. This necklace is really pretty. I'm going to go to the bathroom now."

I feel so grateful to this man who decided to cherish me and who works so hard for our little family. He's been such a gift to me. We've been through a lot together this year, and I look back to our wedding day and wonder how I even thought I knew him when I know him so much more now, appreciate him more now, and can't help but love him more now.

It's Thanksgiving. Scott, get back from El Salvador already - I miss you!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We took a trip to Virginia to visit the little nephews in October. One day we went to Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson, and took Jake because the other nephews were sleeping. He was hilarious. Most of his sentences begin with "but...." or "why can I not....."

Me: Jake, do you want to hold my hand and be my little buddy?
Jake: But, don't you already have a little buddy in your belly? (pronounced "belluh")

Me: "This is the where Thomas Jefferson used to live. He died 200 years ago."
Jake: "But when's he gonna come back alive?" (He's covered the basics of resurrection.)

Then we told Jake he had to be very very quiet during the tour of Monticello. To Jake that meant a constant stream of whispered questions. Questions like:

" But why did he die in that bed? But who carried him out? But did they have lots of guys come carry him out? But where is he buried? But why did Grandma Robin just ask a question in a loud voice? She talked really loud. But why can I not see Thomas Jefferson? "

Oh my gosh I love that kid.

He's a good sharer.

We went to Colonial Williamsburg one day. Tyler loves Andrew. It's almost funny how much he loves Andrew and will go to Andrew when he doesn't really go to anyone but his mom. He kept kissing Andrew /sucking his face. Hilarious.

The stocks at Williamsburg.

Katie and Jake at Darden.

My brother Ben is in the MBA program at Darden. A beautiful campus.
Sweet Tyler with his adored Andrew

My Bir'day/It's a Boy.

Scott is a cute husband. The kind who has pink gerber daisies delivered to work for no reason and for reasons like it's your birthday, and who picks you up from work and drives you to the Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery and lets you pick out a coconut cupcake and then happens to have candles and a lighter in his pocket, and drives you to the park you always went to while you were dating and sits under the shady tree with you and tells you you are cute while your big ol' pregnant belly is hanging out and you are stuffing a coconut cupcake in your mouth.

Also, while we were at the park the nephews called from Virginia to sing happy birthday. I told them we had 2 cupcakes at the park and were blowing out the candles. Jake asked why we only had 2 cupcakes? Scott said because we only had 2 people in our family. Jake was concerned because there were 3 people in our family (he counts the baby in the belly) and I told him the baby could taste some of mine.

Jake: "But does the baby like it?"
Me: "Yes, the baby loves cupcakes"
Jake: " But how do you know, did the baby tell you?"

Scott's dad has a birthday just a few days from mine, so we shared a birthday cake:)

I told Scott all I wanted for my birthday was to go to the Ultrasound in the Mall place. Just to make sure it was a girl, even though I already knew it was. I was 15 weeks pregnant. Scott thought it was kind of dumb to pay $60 to find out something we already knew, but since I wanted it for my birthday....

And that, my friends, is the shocked look on my face when I found out it was a boy! Oh, I am so excited for my sweet little boy to get here. He might have a lot of pink clothes and blankets, but I am so excited.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


The bad thing about not posting for a long time is that it is more intimidating to finally post because there is so much to cover! Kind of the same excuse I use about writing in my journal! It's so much easier if you do it more often.

This summer I got to go to California on a trip with my family. Scott had to stay behind and work, which was sad. But I got to see Carmel and the Redwoods for my first time and I loved it! We went to the aquarium and the oldest seaside fair and it was fun. I was 11 weeks pregnant and fighting the nausea - not sure how much the deep fried twinkies helped:) We met up with my mom's brothers who live in Northern California, went to the Kind Tut museum - which by the way, did NOT include king Tut, and then finished the trip with In'N Out. Yummmm.


I need more beaches in my life.

One of the beautiful beach "cottages" at Carmel.

A banana slug at the Redwoods. Bet you can guess how it got it's name.

The fam at the Redwoods.

Jen and my Dad at Carmel

more of beautiful Carmel.

We just had to give it a try


My mom and I at the Aquarium

more Aquarium

A DELICIOUS dinner at Basil Restaurant in Carmel. We went to see Julie and Julia after this and it was very fitting. Not a deep fried twinkie in sight.

On the drive home I decided we needed to have a taste test of Bubbilicious, Bubble Yum, and Hubba Bubba to see who had the best grape gum. That killed 15 minutes of the drive. I can't remember which one won, but I did call Scott Hubba Bubba for the next few days. He appreciated it.

The cousins jumping at the beach

The Aunt the Uncle, the Mom and the Dad jumping at the beach :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Some News....

This is going to be a mother-post because of how long it's been since I bothered to blog. Here's what we've been up to:

We moved. Just across town. It involved lots and lots of cleaning. It involved lots and lots of help from our sweet families. I feel so grateful for how willing they were to pitch in and help us.

Here's Andrew, Jennifer, and my Mom, coming to scrub out our disgustingly dirty new place before we moved in. I was so frazzled by day 4 of cleaning our disgustingly dirty old place we were moving out of, that I didn't get a picture of Scott's brother Craig and Mom Suzanne, who came to help us clean for hours upon hours. And also I didn't get any pictures of all the brothers and dads and cousins who helped us load and unload the moving truck because I was slightly distracted with Scott's trip to the ER just as everyone showed up. Yes, he sliced his hand/wrist with a razor blade while cutting packing tape. Yes, he got 7 stitches. Yes, it was his 2nd trip to the ER that week because he was also in a car accident. He's okay. He just has a Mazda symbol branded into his arm.

We painted a desk. We bought the desk for $15 of Craigslist. It was ugly, but it came with this other desk that was a beautiful antique that I fell in love with. I saw this desk at Thanksgiving Point

And thought it might be cool to try to replicate it on our ugly desk. So 4 cans of the wrong-color paint, and a couple months later, here are some before/between/ and after shots:

Remember when I said ugly desk? I meant every word of it.


Blegh and Blegh. Back to the paint store...again. And again.


In our new house. We still need to put the rest of the handles on. I love it.

Voluumm/ my brother Andrew had another break dance competition.

My mom came to this dark noisy club in her Ann Taylor cardigan and sparkly sandals.

I love her.
Speaking of which, pretty sure my top that night was Ann Taylor too.

Scott and I celebrated our second 4th of July together:

Last year we hadn't even been on our first date but sat next to each other and talked all during the fireworks until 2 in the morning. This year we went back to the exact same place. I also wore Scott's sweatshirt - the same one he had brought for me last year in case I got cold. We're nerdy like that.

We are also nerdy because we've been commemorating things like the anniversary of our second date. We went to Sundance and rode the ski lift like we did last year:

Sundance is so beautiful.

We also browsed through the gift shops at Sundance. All of a sudden things like brightly colored blocks are really interesting because....

We're expecting. Another way of saying I'm pregnant. We've come a long way in a year. I feel so grateful every day for the chance to be married and be starting a family. I tear up about it a lot. I feel so much love. And gratitude.

I also feel a lot of nausea. Here's Jakey with his doctor kit yesterday. At my parent's house. He put bandaids and a cast on my arm, and then stuck his stethescope on my growing belly....

I love him so.

Went shopping for maternity clothes with my mom today. She sat down in the dressing room and handed me things to try on and hung them up when I was done, just like she did every summer when we'd go to buy school-clothes for the next grade, just like she did when I gained the freshman 15 and none of my clothes fit me, just like she did when we bought "grown-up clothes after I graduated from college, just like she did after I moved back from NY and I was so sickly skinny nothing fit me, just like she did when I was trying on outfits for dates, and wedding dresses, and now maternity clothes. Oh the giving goes on and on.

Can't Wait.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Oh goodness, I haven't posted on this blog in forever. That's because I've been so busy over on my photography blog. And Guess what?!? I just got a new Photography WEBSITE! Please stop by and check it out: I'm pretty excited about it:) And I promise to post here again soon.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

David Archuleta Concert!

Kate and Jenny had their birthdays this last week, and to celebrate my dad found us 8th row tickets to the David Archuleta concert!

We decided to forego a yummy dinner to get there in time. We were so excited!

We got hyped up by taking pictures of us in front of the stage.

Then we were told that although the concert started at 7:30, he wasn't actually coming out until 9:30.

That curbed our enthusiasim a bit. But it was an excellent opportunity to clear old text messages from my phone.

Let's be honest, David is an awesome singer. And he had fun out there.

But not as much fun as my sisters did.
Happy Birthday, Kay and Jay-jay!
Best quote of the night (mom) : " I didn't realize David Archuletta's music was going to be so HARD ROCK. "